Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in Azerbaijan university online

Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University Street:ul. Uzeir Hajibejov 34 City:Baku Post Code:1000 Public Institutions Founded 1921. Secondary school certificate (Attestat) Russian;Azerbaijani Ministry of Education co-ed Head : Yusif Mamedov Job title:Rector Faculty : Biology Fields of study:Biology, Hygiene Faculty : Chemistry Fields of study:Biology, Chemistry Faculty : Drawing and Imitation Arts Fields of study:Painting and Drawing, Performing Arts Faculty : Elementary Military Education and Physical Training and Geography Fields of study:Geography, Physical Education Faculty : History Fields of study:History Faculty : Mathematics and Computer Science Fields of study:Computer Science, Mathematics Faculty : Pedagogy Fields of study:Music, Primary Education Faculty : Pedagogy and Psychology (Preschool) Fields of study:Child Care and Development, Pedagogy, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology Faculty : Philology Fields of study:English, French, Literature, Native Language, Philology Faculty : Physics Fields of study:Physics Bakalavr Fields of study:Education Magistr Fields of study:Education Academic Counselling Canteen Careers Guidance Cultural Activities Foreign Studies Centre

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